Introducing Paia

Self-Served Customer Support using Ai

Empower your business with AI-driven in-house customer support. Save time, cut costs, and enhance brand reputation effortlessly.

Significantly decrease your support volume.


Avg. reduction in support requests

The old way

Managing support manually

Respond to support requests manually and consistently expanding the support team as the user base increases.

Using Paia

Automatic conversations 24/7

Let Paia handle time-consuming and repeating requests, freeing up your time to concentrate on business growth.

How it works?

Setup is a breeze. Activate Paia in minutes.


Choose your data sources

Get your assistant ready to provide top-notch support! Simply connect it to your data source, such as your website, KnowledgeBase articles, HelpDesk tickets, or any other helpful resource. Once trained, Paia will create a friendly assistant that’s all set to answer any questions your users may have.


Tweak it for best results

Customize your assistant’s response settings, permitted topics, and response format to align with your business image. Tailor it to match your unique style and preferences. By doing so, you can ensure that the interactions with your assistant accurately represent your brand and create a consistent and professional experience for your customers.


Use it where you need it most

Easily integrate it into your website with a straightforward copy and paste. Seamlessly blend the assistant’s appearance with your branding by customizing its look and feel.


A natural language bot that effortlessly comprehends complex queries and engages in meaningful conversations with your customers.

Search Widget​

Ai Chat Search that harnesses the knowledge within your documentation and support channels to provide insightful answers.

Browser Extension

A convenient tool that enables you to effortlessly respond to public comments, technical queries, and support questions.

Continuous feedback loop

The more you use it, the better it gets.

Analyze your data

Gain valuable insights from your data to identify content gaps and better comprehend user search intent.

Train the assistants

Easily update and enhance your assistants by training them with new data and accurate responses.

Get better responses

As your support content improves, so does Paia, leading to enhanced resolution rates.

Help Center

Fully featured support system

Knowledge Base Manager

Build and manage your knowledge base with an intuitive WYSIWYG editor and article management tool.

Public Questions

Activate public questions to eliminate repetitive responses and empower users to discover solutions independently.

Advanced Ticketing System with Ai Support

The AI Agent will try to resolve the user’s question before it reaches the support system. Should the answer fall short, the user can opt to direct their query to a human agent.

Technical Support

Upgrade Your Support Game with Paia

Take advantage of Paia’s powerful capabilities and elevate your customer support today!

Built with passion by UiCore – Join us and shape the future of Personal Ai Assistants!

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